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2012-03-20 09:55:20 by sickchicken3

I'm just sick of the bad stars...

Blammed - NEW FLASH.

2011-08-15 17:26:42 by sickchicken3

Im currently making a flash called blammed.
It's currently in production so you wont see it live.
So... i'm posting a production picture.... lol.

Blammed - NEW FLASH.

New flash posted.

2011-08-14 17:57:44 by sickchicken3



2011-07-22 15:25:43 by sickchicken3

It's not that i'm 12 that i'm stupid, dumb or even a freak -_-
And about that freaking annoying "18 years old" Rule, I can enter and do anything on newgrounds even if im not over 13 -_-

Here's a drawing of what may look in-game. (Don't complain for poor quality)



2011-07-18 12:24:51 by sickchicken3

I'm planning to make a interactive clay game :D

While production, i'll post some news shout and production pictures.

New project coming soon!

2011-05-02 18:43:19 by sickchicken3

I'm gonna make a tik tok flash soon...
It's under developement... so you will have to wait...
( Production pictures will be added as a extra in... )

I'm back!

2011-05-02 12:32:36 by sickchicken3

After months never gone on newgrounds... I'm finally back, I'm working on new flashes!